Client: Luxury Watch Reseller and Wholesale

How we helped a luxury watches company to generate over 600 qualified leads in just 30 days and achieve a 600% return on advertising spend on cold traffic.

Starting Situation

  • Several poorly managed Landing pages, each designed for a specific type of service offered.
  • No conversion tracking. Inability to translate the budget invested in Google Ads pay-per-click campaigns into results.
  • They received many contacts from people who were not interested in their service.


  • Poorly managed Google Ads campaigns with ads that were triggered by irrelevant keywords. This meant that people who were not interested clicked on their ads, wasting money.
  • Perceived little effort and interest from the other web agency with poor results and a lack of collaboration.

Soluzions (What we did)

  • Creating a Google Analytics account to track all activities on the landing pages. We have tracked 3 user actions on all landing pages: clicking on the WhatsApp chat, filling out the contact form, and calling the mobile number. The main aspect before creating and optimizing campaigns is to track user behavior on the site. This way, we can understand if and how the budget we spend on campaigns translates into results for our business. As a result, we were able to understand what was working and what was not in terms of campaigns and communication, improving and optimizing what was providing real feedback and return and eliminating what was not.
  • Optimization of existing Google search network campaigns by removing various keywords that were only wasting budget. Creation of new ads to leverage different communication angles on our target audience. Overall, we added extensions and made a series of improvements to the campaigns to bring in higher quality and more targeted traffic.
  • Created an accessible data report with the most important metrics and data for the client. It is a report that allows dynamic date change, so the client always has useful details such as advertising expenditure, user conversions, cost per conversion, etc. at their fingertips.

Results Achieved

  • The client has started receiving more targeted and interested contacts for their services, with only a very small percentage of contacts showing no interest.
  • Not only have the contacts improved, but they have also increased. This means that with the same budget invested, we have been able to bring in more clients and a return on investment of over 400% compared to before.
  • The collaboration is continuing to be profitable and, thanks to the results achieved, we have started collaborating on other projects related to their business together to reach new levels and goals.





More contacts for a lower cost-per-acquisition

Better quality contacts

Increased return on the advertising investment

Objective data of the result achieved

Now let’s see some data to confirm our words directly from the Google Ads account. These are comparisons between the period when we started working with the client (solid lines) and the previous period (dashed lines).

Did you notice the difference? Saying that the cost per conversion has dropped is an understatement… on average, over €60 less is spent to receive a single lead. In total, the expenditure has even decreased, meaning that by spending less, we have generated hundreds more leads (conversions) compared to the previous period!

Above, you can see another account. Prior to our intervention, these campaigns had not yielded any conversions, despite the spending (green dashed line) with conversions remaining at zero (red dashed line). Since we have started, the campaign has generated many conversions at a cost of €1.96 each, well below the industry benchmark and historical data from other accounts. As you can see, it took us some time to start generating contacts (solid red line) because we continually tested until we found what worked…and since then, conversions have continued to come in non-stop every day. Each account, business, and user journey is different: it is unrealistic to expect to achieve results from day one. The best thing you can do is rely on someone who can bring you the results you seek.

And you want to know the best part?

This client still collaborates with us. Seven months later, we bring them results for which they pay us every month.

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